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Due to system limitations, the subscription term is set at 5 years. At the conclusion of the 5-year term, you may renew your subscription completely free-of-charge by contacting [email protected] . You are authorized to do this every 5 years, for life!

VPN connection speeds depend on a lot of factors. Things like your ISP speeds, the protocol being used, hidden software consuming bandwidth (download of updates, torrents, etc.), the number of devices connected to the server and the physical distance from the server your connected to all impact VPN connection speeds.

SmartDNS is a paid add-on. You will be charged additional if you opt for any add-on and will be required to download a different version of our software.  If you require an add-on you can connect to Live Chat and request it.


  • Windows: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Mac: OS X 10.7 and up
  • Linux: Debian GNU/Linux 7.0, Ubuntu 12.04+
  • iPhone 4 and up
  • Android 4.0 and up
  • Blackberry
  • Set-top-boxes: Roku, Boxee box
  • Gaming consoles: PS3, PS4, Xbox and Xbox one
  • Wi-Fi Routers: DDWRT, Netgear, Asus, Belkin, Tomato, Linksys, TP Link, D-link, PFsense, Synology Mikrotik and Sitecom Gigabit
  • SmartTVs: Google TV, Apple TV, Apple Time Capsule, Sony Bravia, LG, Panasonic, Amazon Fire TV, Now TV Box, Samsung, Toshiba
  • This product is available to residents of China
  • Supports P2P and VoIP
  • 500+ Severs in 141 countries. See the complete list here *https://www.purevpn.com/server_location.php
  • 5 Multi logins – Use on up-to 5 devices simultaneously.
  • PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2 and OpenVPN Protocols
  • Up-to 256-bit encryption
  • You can also find out more info on all of our VPN's *https://stacksocial.com/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&query=vpn
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