VPN Unlimited Troubleshooting

How to redeem VPN Unlimited:

  1. COPY your License Code (You can find it in your Purchase Page)
  2. IMPORTANT: please use your browser to create your account and redeem the code above. Continue with the instructions below.
  3. Click the Redemption Link and Log in If you do not have an account, Click Create new KeepSolid ID to create login credentials
  4. Once you've created an account, click on the following LINK
  5. Once you are logged in, PASTE your code into Input your code here and click Redeem Code
  6. Click on the KeepSolid logo (upper left corner)
  7. Click on the VPN Unlimited logo, under 'Your Subscriptions'
  8. Next, click on on the Standalone Version download
  9. Double click on the download link once it has finished downloading and move it to your Applications folder
  10. Open VPN Unlimited from your Applications folder and log in to your KeepSolid account
  11. Go through the introductory steps
  12. To use one of the servers, double click on one of the options
  13. Click Install to install the profile
  14. Toggle the button to the right of VPN Status. If you experience any issues, please close and re-open the app.
You're all set!
Common issues: 
  • Why am I still on a trial? Didn’t I purchase the Lifetime VPN?
    • You may still need to add your redemption code into your account. If you go back to the purchase page and copy your code, you can add it into your VPN Unlimited dashboard.
  • How do I add this on my smartphone / tablet?
    • You will need to download the app for each device here. Once you do so, please log into your account and it should activate your device. 

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