VPN Unlimited Troubleshooting

How to redeem VPN Unlimited:

  1. COPY your License Code (You can find it in your Purchase Page)
  2. IMPORTANT: please use your browser to create your account and redeem the code above. Continue with the instructions below.
  3. Click the Redemption Link and Log in If you do not have an account, Click Create new KeepSolid ID to create login credentials
  4. Once you've created an account, click on the following LINK
  5. Once you are logged in, PASTE your code into Input your code here and click Redeem Code



You're all set!


Now you need to download and install the application on your device. You can find the download links here: https://www.vpnunlimitedapp.com/en/downloads/


You can find detailed step-by-step instructions on how to install and use the application here: https://www.vpnunlimitedapp.com/en/info/manuals

More information about VPN Unlimited:



Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact VPN Unlimited support team, they operate 24/7, and can be reached via [email protected]  




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